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Within Europe, Italy has the highest number of public buses in circulation. This is because most small and mid sized cities here do not have train stations so, it is up to buses to cover transportation needs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy your ticket on a bus. Tickets are sold in Tobacco shops, bars and newspaper stands. A single ticket costs 1.00 and is valid for one hour. There are also multiple tickets available, like the 4 course ticket which costs 3.90. A monthly pass costs 31.00, and there is a 50% discount for students. These tickets are only valid on buses and not on trams or subways. Signs along roads, sometimes accompanied by a bench or awning, indicate bus stops. Time schedules are also usually posted at bus stops. Buses run 24 hours per day but at night they are much less frequent. Also you can have a look on Ataf web site: www.ataf.net

Line 07 (Stazione SMN - Fiesole)
Stazione - Piazza Edison - Fiesole

Line 14 (Varlungo - Careggi)
Ripa/Girone-Piazza Stazione

Line21 (Cure - Caldine)
Pacinotti - Pian di Mugnone - Caldine - La Querciola

Line 25 (Stazione SMN -Trespiano/Pratolino)
Stazione - Trespiano - Pian di San Bartolo / Pratolino

Line 47 (urbano Fiesole)
Fiesole - Montebeni - Compiobbi - Il Girone

Line 45 (urbano Fiesole)
Fiesole - P.di Mugnone - Quattro strade - Caldine - Olmo - Querciola