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Police Headquarters (La Questura)
Police Headquarters (La Questura) The Questura is the Police Headquarters located in every Italian city and it will become an essential part of your stay in Italy. It is where passports are issued and, among other things, stay permits. As well, it is where accidents, thefts and other crimes must be reported. Many foreigners in Italy, and even Italian citizens, would agree that Police Headquarters are not usually the friendliest of places. From the first policeman who you meet at the entrance to the employees behind desks, everyone seems to have an air of impatience and indifference towards visitors. It is also difficult to get oriented at Police Headquarters. If you try to request information by telephone, it is difficult to get anything other than a busy signal and once you do reach an operator they will most probably tell you that you must come in person to Headquarters. However, the Police Headquarters website, http://www.poliziadistato.it, is very well done and has all of the necessary information for your stay in Italy. Once you have arrived at Police Headquarters, you can pick up a printed guide at the information desk. Headquarters are open all day from Monday to Saturday. To make or drop off Stay Permit applications the Immigration Office, inside Headquarters, is open from 8:30 - 11:30 AM. It opens again from 3:30 to 5:30 PM for those who must pick up Stay Permits (it usually takes about a month to prepare permits).

Municipality (Il Comune)
Any area in Italy is located within a Municipality. Each Municipality has its own administration, also including a mayor. The Municipality can be divided into smaller parts, called districts or neighborhoods. For example, the city of Rome is a municipality but it has 20 neighborhoods.